Windows 13: All you need to know about the upcoming Windows OS

Microsoft has been popular for making breathtaking upgrades to the previous operating systems. And the immense popularity of Windows 10 has led Microsoft to introduce something more fluid and more interactive to their loved customers. The upcoming Windows 13 has several expectations from the buyers and Windows fans and there are numerous rumors on various websites about the features that we may see in the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows OS.

windows 13

In this article, we are going to talk about these rumors and a few features that the Windows 10 users want Microsoft to add in their upcoming OS. So, stay tuned to know more about the upcoming Windows OS, which will probably be named as Windows 13.

Windows 13 Features

New Features for the users

The most talked about thing about the Windows 13 is the list of features that the new OS has to offer. Frankly speaking, as there is no official announcement about the OS till date, we can’t be too sure about the features list of the upcoming OS. However, there are a few things that the Windows 10 users are constantly asking for and that can be introduced with the next-gen OS from the Microsoft. A few of these features are

  • Better connectivity to other Microsoft devices including the Xbox

Along with the PCs, the Microsoft OS is available for numerous other devices like the gaming console, Tablets, and laptops. Although Windows 10 has made a great step towards synchronizing the Windows Devices, we will appreciate a more flawless synchronization and connectivity among the Windows devices. One more thing that can be done while designing the Windows new OS, is the similar UI for all the devices make it a worthy upgrade for all the users who are using more than one Windows devices at home.

  • Faster and more reliable UI

For those users who are upgrading their systems from an older version of Windows OS will need to upgrade their system for a more fluid and easy to use interface that not only is faster than before but also handles things better. The UI changes will make thing easier for the users and will help Microsoft to attract new users to them. A strikingly new and attractive interface that makes the user feel more connected to their systems and devices.

  • Advanced Security apps and more efficient RAM management

Security has been a major setback for Windows devices. With Windows 13, we are expected to have better security apps and efficient RAM management that make the Windows devices more performance oriented and safe. Better and faster defender’s definitions, more frequent Windows updates can help the Windows devices better than the competition.


The next big thing that should be considered while talking about the next major Windows OS upgrade is the possible versions to buy.

Microsoft will probably follow the same strategy as it has followed with Windows 7, 8, and 10 by releasing the versions named as Home, Home Premium and Pro. It is also rumored that the Windows 13 will also have a lighter version for the students and lower end PCs. Although it is still a rumor, but it is possible that this will be the lineup for Windows 13 OS.

Windows 13 Release date

The Windows 13 is expected to release somewhere in the last quarter of 2020. And it may be priced slightly more than the Windows 10 Pro. The price and the release date are still not confirmed, and you have to wait for some official announcement from the Microsoft officials. We will update you here whenever we get more details about the release.

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So, these were the most legit information we could gather from numerous resources. Although there is no official announcement from the Microsoft, we can be assured of getting more fluid, compatible and efficient Operating systems that will make your digital life more secure and efficient than ever before. So, keep the fingers crossed and wait for the official announcement for the Windows 13 from Microsoft.

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