Windows 12 : here is everything you need to know

Microsoft is one of the top recognizable names in the field of software and computer world. The Microsoft has a legacy that stands second to none and the brand keeps on updating their Windows OS every year. To be frank, today there would be no efficient OS like Microsoft Windows and this is one of the reasons why it is the most used and in-demand computer OS in the world.


One of the most attractive things about Microsoft Windows is that its keep updating the releasing new versions according to the trend. The latest version from them was the Microsoft Windows 10, which came with many attractive features, which had considerable changes. However, there has been an unusual chitchat and rumor that Microsoft would be skipping a version and would be releasing the Microsoft Windows 12 instead of Windows 11. Here is everything we get to know from few reliable sources.

Windows 12 release date

The exact date of the release is not yet available; however, some sources imply that it could happen only by 2019 and not before that. This is because the brand is working on the updates of Windows 10 and a new project Windows Redstone; they are concentrating more on these OS versions rather than on the Windows 11 or 12. The only option we have is to wait until the Microsoft official team releases any precise data.

Windows 12 features

Most of the reliable sources imply that the Microsoft Windows 12 will have major changes especially with the hardware requirements and the overall OS design. One of the most attractive things that we expect is that it could be incorporated with Virtual reality system. There are rumors that the team would be fixing all the internal processing issues and will provide an option to choose between startup menu and Homepage.

The brand has already has released the latest version of their Windows internal explorer that has proved to be very fast and consumes very less RAM.

Windows 12 wish list

No information on the development of the Windows 12 has been released officially released. Nevertheless, many people have a lot of expectation from the latest version to be released. It ranges from virtual reality, lesser RAM consumption. Etc. Here is the wishlist

  1. Virtual reality
  2. RAM consumption
  3. Inbuilt screen recorder
  4. Inbuilt high-efficiency anti-virus
  5. Option to choose between startup menu or homepage
  6. Easy to modify settings and apps
  7. Switch screen ON/OFF
  8. Customized desktop backgrounds
  9. Aero glass transparency
  10. Direct login to the desktop

Windows 12 concept Design

It was recently, the Microsoft released an official statement mentioning that they would not be releasing or marketing any other Windows version rather than Windows 10, which simply means that they are stopping with Windows 10. However, many experts have commented it to be a marketing gimmick and the brand cannot stop marketing or be releasing latest Windows version, as their major revenue and in-demand are concentrated on their OS versions.

Apps are one of the most important things that should be incorporated into a device. The Windows 12 is rumored to come with all new exciting apps and features. However, this might be the main reasons why the brand has not yet released any details about the newest version of Windows. There are high chances that the brand needs to boost the sales of Windows 10, reach a specific level of growth, and then eventually release the date.

However, we are 100% sure the brand will be releasing the latest version within 2019 and the product will come with unique features. The features on latest versions of Windows have always surprised the fans and we can expect nothing less than that.


Expect the Windows 12 to be released before the end of 2019, it is expected to come with several features that would not stand second to any other computer operating systems.

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