There was a lot of confusions and debate in the cyber space with regard to the release of Windows 11. While some were of the opinion that Windows 10 will be the last of the Window’s OS, all were not ready to believe so. Ultimate, this confusion was resolved when Microsoft itself broke the news that it is going to come with another version of the Window’s OS i.e. Windows 11. The next update of Windows 11 is codenamed Redstone and tech journalists are of the opinion that it will be basically a major update on Windows 10.

Windows 11 release date, features

Windows 11

Window 11 Release Date

If we analyze the past release dates of Windows 11, then we can say that this OS will be released either in 2017 or 2018. However, some tech journalists are of the opinion that it might be released by the end of this year as well.  We are not really sure of the date of the release date as of now, we will update you as soon as we get to know about that.

Window 11’s Expected Features

Reintroducing Start Menu

The tiles type display which is the unique feature of Windows 8 and 10 works very well with touch screen tablets. But for desktop or laptop users this is not a very user friendly option, so we would like to see the Start Menu reintroduced in Windows 11.

Aero Glass Lucidity  

We saw this feature first time in Windows Vista and it was appreciated by the users. But then it was abandoned in Windows 8. We would like this feature to be reinstated so that users need to install thris party apps to create this effect.

Remove Screen Lock


Though this feature is very useful for the tablet users, it is a real hazard for the desktop users. We would like Windows 11 to come with such customization that though screen locking is available for the tablet users, it would not be available to the desktop users. Or else desktop users might be given the option of locking the screen from the task bar.

Easily Accessible Power Option

In Windows 8 and its successive versions, power option is present in the charms bar that floats in when the cursor is brought to sides of the screen. This is really difficult for the new users to locate. Therefore, we would like to see the power option in the Start Menu itself in Windows 11.

Customized Charm Bar

Charm Bar is another feature that creates a lot of confusion for the desktop users, though it is very useful for the tablet users. We would like Windows 11 to come with the option of activating or deactivating charm bar.

Windows 11 Concept


Many fans have created concepts of Windows 11. One of the best one amongst them comes with glass effect. In this new concept, users can activate Cortana whereby users can give command to it to fulfill various tasks. If you just pronounce ‘Hey Cortana’ the search menu is going to pop up and users can either type their query or say it aloud, to search easily. Users will be able to easily upload files on cloud by dragging and dropping it. The functions of the left and right task bar will be also different. While the left task bar is going to provide users with the search option, the right one is going to display the date, time, users profile and other options.


We will keep updating you about the latest news about Windows 11 as and when we come to know about it. Stay tuned with us!!