There was a lot of confusions and debate in the cyber space with regard to the release of Windows 11. While some were of the opinion that Windows 10 will be the last of the Window’s OS, all were not ready to believe so. Ultimate, this confusion was resolved when Microsoft itself broke the news that it is going to come with another version of the Window’s OS i.e. Windows 11. The next update of Windows 11 is codenamed Redstone and tech journalists are of the opinion that it will be basically a major update on Windows 10.

Microsoft came up with the last version of their latest operating system in 2015 followed by many updates. Since then, we have been expecting Microsoft to reveal something about their next pilot project i.e. Windows 11. However, Microsoft has kept everything under wraps and till date we did not get a word about their next pilot project from the developers themselves. However, this didn’t stop us from contemplating about their flagship, which we have penned down in this write up. So here it goes:

Windows 11 release date, features

Windows 11

Window 11 Release Date

Though we are expecting the next generation Windows platform any time soon, but we are yet to receive any official confirmation about the same. From a long time we have been hearing a buzz that Microsoft developers are working to make Cortana better with enhanced features which in turn is going to make it much more user friendly. All these murmurs definitely make us believe that developers are working on it, but they maintained hush-hush about it. On the contrary, very lately one of the top notch officials from Microsoft has confirmed that there will be no succeeding generation of Windows 10. However, rumor has it that Microsoft has codenamed their next pilot project Redstone. So just in case Microsoft choose to use a new name, we definitely have something much better to look forward to.

If we analyze the past release dates of Windows 11, then we can say that this OS will be released in 2018. However, some tech journalists are of the opinion that it might be released by the end of this year as well.  We are not really sure of the date of the release date as of now, we will update you as soon as we get to know about that.

Window 11 Expected Features

Desktop First


Since the launch of Windows 8 users have been facing one problem which is very annoying at times. After booting the computer directly opens with the start screen and not the desktop. Though it takes a fraction of a second to go to the desktop from the start screen, but Windows users, specially the desktop users would be happy to directly boot in to the desktop page. The touch screen users finds it easy to move from start screen to desktop, but it is not so with the desktop users. The next OS must come with an option to customize this particular feature according to the whims of the users. we can download shareit for windows 7.

File Managing Must Become Effortless

Presently, the way users can manage different folders in their desktop or laptop, is a bit complicated as well as messy. The folders are all present in the same folder, and in case the user wants to jump from to the other, they have to exit from it totally and then go to the next one. This definitely hampers the speed of the users and they definitely don’t like to find out the particular folder from the side panel time and again. That being said we are definitely expecting Microsoft developers with a much better and user friendly file management formula.

Customized Charms Bar

The charms bar that has been featured in Windows OS since the release of Windows 8, is very annoying. This is specially true for the desktop and laptop users as it keep intervening while working on the gadget. It is perfect for the touch screen users as with one swipe they get access to all the options, but it is really difficult to handle the same using the keypad and mouse/touch pad. Microsoft developers must come up with a viable alternative to it in their next generation platform so that users have the option to turn on or off the charms bar according to their need. And just in case the users turn it off, there should be a simplistic alternative to handle all the operation that has been assembled there. We are pretty sure that users would not mind to go back and same arrangement that was present in Windows 7. And just in case the developers come with a far better solution it will be icing on the cake.

Option to Switch and Delete Apps from Taskbar

In the next generation platform users should be given the option to have their own customized taskbar. This will help the users to arrange the most used apps in the taskbar and get access to them easily. At present the default taskbar is presented before the users and they don’t have the option to remove the less used ones and replace it with the frequently used ones. Customized taskbar is definitely going to help the users a lot.

Improvised System Tray

Instead of the complicated charms bar, developers can ponder about making a better and much more improvised system tray. It should be so designed that from the system tray itself users can switch on or off Bluetooth and Wifi and connect to it, change time and date, reply to instant messengers or group chats, get access to notification centre and do a lot more things. Such improvements are definitely going to be appreciated the window users.

Easy Power Off

Whether we want to switch off or put the computer on sleep mode or restart, in the present Windows OS to do so by accessing the charms bar and clicking on the particular option. There should be an easu alternative to it. For example the option to power off or restart the computer must be present in the system tray itself. Desktop users find it really difficult to handle the charms bar while switching it off. Though they have been using this feature from a long time, they will be more than happy to see it replaced by a much more simplistic solution.

Reintroducing Start Menu

The tiles type display which is the unique feature of Windows 8 and 10 works very well with touch screen tablets. But for desktop or laptop users this is not a very user friendly option, so we would like to see the Start Menu reintroduced in Windows 11.

Aero Glass Lucidity  

We saw this feature first time in Windows Vista and it was appreciated by the users. But then it was abandoned in Windows 8. We would like this feature to be reinstated so that users need to install thris party apps to create this effect.

Remove Screen Lock


Though this feature is very useful for the tablet users, it is a real hazard for the desktop users. We would like Windows 11 to come with such customization that though screen locking is available for the tablet users, it would not be available to the desktop users. Or else desktop users might be given the option of locking the screen from the task bar.

Easily Accessible Power Option

In Windows 8 and its successive versions, power option is present in the charms bar that floats in when the cursor is brought to sides of the screen. This is really difficult for the new users to locate. Therefore, we would like to see the power option in the Start Menu itself in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Concept

Many fans have created concepts of Windows 11. One of the best one amongst them comes with glass effect. In this new concept, users can activate Cortana whereby users can give command to it to fulfill various tasks. If you just pronounce ‘Hey Cortana’ the search menu is going to pop up and users can either type their query or say it aloud, to search easily. Users will be able to easily upload files on cloud by dragging and dropping it. The functions of the left and right task bar will be also different. While the left task bar is going to provide users with the search option, the right one is going to display the date, time, users profile and other options.


All these being said, we can’t miss this particular fact that we have been hearing from sometime. Those who miss the user friendly features of Windows 7, good news is that the next generation OS from Microsoft is going to bear similarities with that. So if have been yearning to get back all the super user friendly features of Windows 7, then you would not be disappointed with Windows 11 at all.

We will keep updating more about Windows 11 as soon as we get to know more. Till then, keep sharing your thoughts in the comments section so that we can get a far more user friendly Windows 11.

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